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mikey rot this album is good cuz i like it Favorite track: Come On.
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Recorded in a weekend just having fun because we were grounded


released March 22, 2015



all rights reserved


The Basement Boys Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A band straight outta Philadelphia made of Donato, Giancarlo, Massimo Pignetti, and Franklin Mostoller, the most rugged of the bunch featuring Misha Golikov.

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Track Name: Rugged Dudes In The City (Intro 2 two)
Rugged dudes in the city
40 in my bag
27s in my pocket
Cancer in my lungs
and I aint gonna stop it

Rugged dudes in the city

Look at this photograph
every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red
and what the fuck is on Joey's head
Track Name: No One
I'm more forgiving than the floorboards as im walking away
I'm more jealous than a teenage boy who never gets his way
If i had the money I'd definitely move away
And i cannot feel my body but I like it that way

I think with the mentality of Nas and Jay-Z
Im out for presidents to represent me
Im not stupid just taken for a fool
And the richest men in the world all dropped out of school

I'm folding over, a paper or an omelette?
I'm peaceful as a dove
The bar soap or the chocolate?
It's the freakin' weekend
And R kelly wants to have some fun
But i'm still stuck on the fact
That someone can be a no one.
Track Name: The Office Theme Song
(Michael Scott come back)
"Hey im mad"
well it's nice to meet you mad
Tell me how youre feeling now
and tell me how your life turned out

"Well I was a child actor,
now im a crackhead
and I've got all this money to blow on blow
and blowing whores who I dont know"

Hey thats great, but you never told me how you felt
You never told me what you thought
Hey don't worry bro,
Im not gonna nail you to a cross

Robin hood's not being an asshole
Taking shit that people worked hard for
and giving it away
To the poor

It's not my fault you misinterpreted
what the high in high school really meant
You could've kept your grades high,
but you kept yourself high instead

It's not my fault you didn't do
what everybody else did
You thought it would be okay
but everything turned out like shit

(Say it frankie)
Track Name: Alright
Sorry that your best friend had to find out
Sorry that your ex-boyfriend had to find out
And that hairbrush, it keeps on going inside
But that's alright

When I look into your eyes I swear there's no coming out
When you came over to mine,
My oh my, what a night, what a sight,
Girl, nothing will be alright

At the river, such a terrible day,
But that's alright with me
She turns red just like she was embarrassed
Cause she's part native american

When I look into your eyes I swear there's no coming out
When you came over to mine
My oh my what a night,
I wanna die thinking we're in the same boat sinking

Ojos verdes tiene muchos problemos,
No quiero saber que somos misoms.
Track Name: Come On
Don't lay awake waiting for that boy to say something to you
don't lay awake waiting for that fool, come on

Don't lie to me because we all already know that you peed inside that swimming pool
you don't have to lie about that, come on
(face melting guitar solo)
Track Name: Girls Everywhere Everybody Stop And Stare Yeah (Interlude 2)
Girls Everywhere (Everybody Stop And Stare Yeah)
Track Name: What The Future Looks Like
The Harvard graduate is now writing porno scripts
Don't tell me you know the future I bet he never saw it
I bet he never saw it

The dealer got a record deal
Now his flaws are glorified and commercialized
I bet he never saw it.
Track Name: Too Much
I don't wanna know what you find out on your trip around the world
you'll ruin it for me

You talk too much
and you don't say anything
So I don't know why you're wasting breath

why are you wasting breath?

If you're so smart you'd put down that cigarette
but that is just way too hard for a man in charge

you talk too much
and you don't say anything
So I don't know why you're wasting breath