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released October 10, 2014



all rights reserved


The Basement Boys Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A band straight outta Philadelphia made of Donato, Giancarlo, Massimo Pignetti, and Franklin Mostoller, the most rugged of the bunch featuring Misha Golikov.

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Track Name: Tupac
I saw my lady get asked to prom
She said yeah sure (oh yeah sure yeah)
I'm not with that girl anymore
The oppressed are depressed
And the depressed are blessed
But they're too depressed to know

I want a hat that will fit me when my bald head grows
I count my blessings like Mr. Jones counts his crows
Money gives you confidence and I am broke

You think I'm not American well you just wait and see
I'll turn my TV on like it's attracted to me
The left hands can write, now that the right hands left
Tupac fucked his haters so i stick to oral sex
Track Name: The River
I don’t know what’s touching me, cause man my eyes are closed,
and I don’t want to be here but nobody knows.
I don’t even know why I keep coming here
but I will not worry cause there’s nothing to fear.
I don’t know what’s happening it’s not really clear,
like when your vision’s blurry cause your eyes start to tear.
I’m highly considering, leaving this town,
cause if I shed one more tear I’m definitely gonna drown.
I hate this place, but I keep coming back.
And If I take one more sip then I think I might crack, and cry.
Right until I die.
Get off of me please go away
cause I definitely cannot stand being with you one more day.
I know you’ve been thinking of me today,
we’ll I’ve been thinking of you too
and I’m just trying to make that thought go away.
So just please leave.
Just leave and go away.
Track Name: milknarf (Interlude 1)
Track Name: Untitled
Baby we made it but we just haven't made it far
and I know I owe you my time but baby these times are hard
You know I'm doing just fine I'm managing on my own
I gotta keep on trying, keep on going, until these old days are dead&gone
Darling I love you and I love what I can't get
Baby I love you but I just haven't met you yet
Sorry mama these years haven't been the best
Mama, I'm leaving, skipping town and moving on to the next
Track Name: Honestly, Again?
I'm trying, dear baby To take all the pain you gave to me, To take it all away. And i'm leaving, just maybe, before you even get to coming back Again. You told me all my flaws, so I drowned them all in alcohol, Right until they flushed away. And everybody wants to live a dream, My life just happened to be a nightmare, The future scares me everyday.

Feel the weight of me losing you, Lingering on my shoulders, When you said i'm not growing up, I'm only growing older. When you told me you were leaving, I felt a sudden change in Gravity. And now my brain cannot grasp, Any concept of sanity.
Hey baby, i'm just asking for one last kiss, Before you go away, To try to make you love me

Feel the weight of you losing me, Lingering on your shoulders, When I said you're not growing up, You're only growing older. When I told you I was leaving, You felt a sudden change in Gravity.
And I bet that brain cannot grasp, Any concept of sanity.
Hey Baby, I can't give you one last kiss, Before you go away, So you can try to make me love you,
Track Name: Sra. Calabaza
Sra. Calabaza tell me what you meant
There's a hole in my pants from my cigarette
She takes everything that I have to spare
That girl with the orange hair

She buys her coffee for a dollar and some quarters
My life goes day by day but it's still out of order
She's an artist in her head
And art is dead

My friends are downstairs getting along better than we ever did
My fish died with my parents marriage, But a lot of things die when you're just a kid
Sra. Calabaza tell me what you meant
When you said let's just be friends.
Track Name: Not Today
If my life will pass me by why would I try.
If I was free, what else is there left to be.
Try and search for better days, and wave all my cares away.
Not Today,
Not Tomorrow.
Track Name: The Guinness Bop (Interlude 2)
The guinness bop (ooh) (ow)
Track Name: 1234
Oh take me back to the days where a cigarette did so much for me And making a mistake was not a mistake unless you made that mistake again Now I’m just at home waiting for my night to end But I only like being alone when I have the choice to be with my friends.
Can you lend me some loneliness, I can trade you all my friends.
Can I start a new beginning, cause I’d love to know how it ends.

Another sleepless night another dreamless sleep Another dream without creativity, or counting any sheep. Now have you ever thought, maybe it’s the drugs you gave to me That make me stupid, shy, worthless, lazy and beat If I could go to sleep just to see another day All you doctors know what’s in it but you make me eat away.

(La La La La La La La La La La La La La La)

Can you lend me some loneliness, I can trade you all my friends. Can I lend you some spare change just to give you my two cents Can you give me something worth living for, cause right now I feel so dead, Can I start a new beginning, cause I’d love to know how it ends.
Track Name: Five
I'm a man so I have my dignity
I'm an artist, So I try to write poetry
I despise how you have eyes for something I can't see
Despite the truth, despite the lies, It's a plain and simple thing
I don't see how you won't let me be me

People don't change
well of course they do
But I sure as hell won't for you.
I am reckless, so my pants may need some stitches
I am American so I measure my dick in inches

Change me like you change your clothes
I hope my personality matches your brand new shirt